Today Is The Day - Eels

from the album The Deconstruction (2018)

I always dig those days when I wake up feeling fresh and new.  Rejuvenated.  Ready to fulfill my destiny as the greatest motherfucker who ever walked in my shoes.

On these glorious mornings, I like to crank my music loud.  Not any music, but power pop.  Jangling chords from a songwriter with attitude backed by a powerhouse rhythm section.  Pete Townsend meets Alex Chilton.

On these beauteous mornings, I tell myself "Today is the Day," which just happens to be the title of the latest song by Eels; the long-running project of the immensely talented Mark Oliver Everett.

I have been an Eels fan since Novocaine For The Soul first hit the airwaves many, many moons ago.  I love the ability of Eels' songs to speak raw truths about real moments in ordinary life.  Uncomfortable topics, like being in the cancer ward with your mother.  How does he find the presence of mind to write so coherently about these moments?

Yet Today Is the Day feels different.  It feels like he is singing about me, for me.  This song captures my happy times, delivering it in the exact style of power pop I enjoy most in these moments.

Thank you, Mark Oliver Everett, for writing a jangling pop song that speaks directly to me, the greatest motherfucker to ever play an Eels record!

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