What's Chasing You - Marlon Williams

from the album Make Way For Love (2018)

I am really digging the tune What's Chasing You by Marlon Williams.

The vocals are crooned in a style evoking Chris Issak, Roy Orbison, and Morrissey.  Yet despite the song having the type of retro-reverb sheen and vintage melody line that you might expect from the vocal comparisons, it also has an element of campiness.  The listener can easily imagine this song in the opening credits to a John Waters film.

This is the perfect song for awkward swaying in your bedroom, surrounded by the blue hue of your lava lamp, and under the watchful eye of your giant Bona Drag poster.

Click Here to watch the official music video for What's Chasing You by Marlon Williams.  I adore this video.