Windy City - Natasha Kitty Katt

from the single Windy City / Let's Make Love (2018)

Once upon a time, I was partying in Chicago on a frigid winter's night.  I was drinking and smoking and carrying on with some friends from my Milwaukee days who had relocated to the City of the Big Shoulders.

I remember us packed into a couple of taxi cabs, riding to a house party.  I remember someone saying, "Hey, this is the street where John Lee Hooker sings Boom Boom in The Blues Brother."  I remember getting out of the taxi in front of a three story house on a residential street.  I remember coatless people smoking cigarettes on the front porch and on a balcony.  I remember it being so cold that the inside of my nose felt itchy.  I remember a black girl in a zebra print dress drinking a green martini.  I remember lines of cocaine on a high dresser in someone's bedroom. I remember Dan telling incredible lies to excited ladies in the kitchen.  I remember Jim talking to his bookie.  I remember working my way thru a crowded hallway, hearing Prince's Sexy Mother Fucker for the first time.  I remember how good the subwoofer sounded.  I remember thinking, "I ought to move to Chicago."

Listening to Windy City by Natasha Kitty Katt, scores of blurry memories flood my mind.

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