12:51AM - Self Tape

from the single 12:51AM (2018)

I am up late, thinking through the various permutations of some pressing puzzles.  Big stuff with little room for error.  I've likely had music playing for five or six hours, but have barely heard a song.  My rabbit holes have become wormholes.

I am not finding myself particularly stressed, but rather detached; with an assassin-like focus on executing the task at hand.  Still my mind cannot break free.

Then the opening bars of 12:51AM by Self Tape starts playing.  The vibe is bouncing and bright.  The groove enters, sweeping me away.  I'm in a different head now.  I turn up the volume to listen to the guitar, yet the beat and groove consume me.  This song has unlocked the wormhole.  Freed my mind. The kingdom of heaven is within.

Soon, I'm googling around for some information about this song.  I come across the passage, "Recorded in his small and dark London flat in the depths of Winter, his sound alludes to a much warmer and brighter time."

I'll take the advise of a kindred soul to a fortune cookie every time.  Smile, Mr. Gigolo.

Click Here to listen to 12:51AM by Self Tape.