Bad Bad News - Leon Bridges

from the album Good Thing (2018)

I am really digging Bad Bad News by Leon Bridges.  It is a vintage soul tune with a silky, big city sheen, combining jazzy tones with a funked up bass groove that makes you want to get out of your chair and dance.

As I listen, I revel in just how tasty the sounds from each instrument are.  Listen to the drummer hitting the cymbal's bell; it sounds as though you are in the room.  Also, listen to how true the bass notes ring at low frequency; their "roundness" gives me tingles.  The George Benson-inspired guitar licks, the pop of the horns, and the touch of the keys.  All are magnificent.

But the star attraction is Leon Bridges.   His vocals are more mature than on his debut album; his voice sliding right in with all the other instrumentation.  Listen to the control.  He can make his voice do exactly what he wants, whether gritting up a line or offering his best approximation of a James Brown roar.

It is a joy to listen to such a fine song.

Click Here to listen to Bad Bad News by Leon Bridges.


  1. I always Iike to check if you wrote about a song I now love...❤️ Two years later.


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