Black Moon - Screaming Females

from the album All At Once (2018)

Many moons ago, I frequented suburban rock clubs.  These places were typically located in strip malls, with big, burly bouncers checking your identification and being very specific about where they stamped your hand.

A few of the bands, like Zebra and Twisted Sister, would one day find commercial success; while the overwhelming majority now consider their strip mall gigs as "the glory days."

Although it might sound odd, one of my most vivid remembrances of these clubs was how my shoes would stick to the floor.  It happened everywhere back then; yet, today, I go out to hear live music nearly as often and my shoes never stick.

What's up with that?  Is it the shoes?  Is it the floor?  Do fewer people spill their drinks today verses yesterday?  Is their some new technology that keeps floors cleaner?   Seriously, if any of my dear readers can shed a bit of enlightenment, I would be much obliged.

I am reminded of this when I listen to Black Moon, a new song by New Jersey rockers - Screaming Females.  The song is majestic and anthemic.  The drumming is excellent, with stirring combinations of paradiddles on the toms.  The guitar tone and riffing touches the little metal man deep inside of me.

But, for me, the most inspiring element of this record are the vocals of Marissa Paternoster.  Her ability to dig deep for notes and deliver them with a rock and roll vibrato is captivating.

Close my eyes, crank up the volume, and imagine your shoes sticking to the floor...

Click Here to listen to Black Moon by Screaming Females.