Can't Get Enough - Serge Funk

from the single Can't Get Enough (2018)

Last night, I drove down to a lake house on the Georgia-Alabama line.  It was a beautiful evening.  The air held a tinge of winter, yet spring was proceeding in full motion.  Through the tall pines the setting sun created a blood-orange ball that melted into the lake.  In the distance, you could hear bass fisherman increasing their speeds, in order to make the marina before sunset.

I considered this a moment to celebrate.  I opened a bottle of Crozes-Hermitage that I've been saving for such an occasion.  I turned on my new Pink Squirrel mix, cranked up the incredible outdoor speakers, stepped outside, and enjoyed being alone with my thoughts, drinking great wine, and digging on some most pleasing grooves.

As the mix reached its finale, I was bopping around to Can't Get Enough by Italian producer Serge Funk.  The songs drips of hard 70s groove baked into a tasty Soulful House biscuit served with disco jelly.  The music is infectious and might remind you of Teddy Pendergrass' 1977 classic, The More I Get, The More I Want.  The song also leverages a few well-placed sampled nuggets of Teddy's vocals, climaxing with him riffing over a pulsing choir of "just can't get enough, can't get enough."

Hearing Teddy Pendergrass sing in a Soulful House context reminds me of just how incredible he was.  My god...

I easily listened to this song fifteen times as I worked my way through the second bottle.

Click Here to listen to Can't Get Enough by Serge Funk.