Can't Shake It Off - Husky

from the EP Can't Shake It Off (2018)


Not only is the trumpet amongst the most difficult instruments to play, but it is also one of the loudest.  Trumpeters can not hide.  They show and blow, letting the notes fall where they may.

I really dig listening to well played trumpet; particularly when it is in an unanticipated context.

This is the case with Can't Shake It Off by Husky, a top-notch DJ and producer from Sydney, Australia.  This is a silky, Soulful House number with a disco beat that I cannot get enough of.  Long sustained piano chords over a bouncing groove set the tone for the trumpet.

This is further embellished by fine orchestration and a sultry vocal by the always seductive Nat Conway.  I also dig the synth seizure solo that offers a modern equivalent to the trumpet track.

Particularly when I listen to the Mark Di Meo Souldub mix of this song, I am transported to a world of rainy car rides on the Harlem River Drive and sexy women dancing in secluded warehouses.  How can't you dig that?

Click Here to listen to Can't Shake It Off [Mark Di Meo Souldub] by Husky.

Can't Shake It Off [Mark Di Meo Souldub] by Husky is included on Pink Squirrel - Episode 2.  Check it out !