Do You Dance - Men Without A Clue

from the single Do You Dance (2018)

Jacco wants to get down
Jack-Bob wants to drink
Jazz girls in the kitchen
Washing Stan Getz in the sink
Ginsberg's in the hallway
Spouting perverted rhymes
Aquinas on the front porch
Confessing all his crimes
St. Catherine's got her game on
Chatting up young boys
Nancy's mixing vodka
With apricot La Croix
Don Johnson rides a lion
Fred Gwynne's blowing smoke
N13 heads over
Just to have a toke
Outside on the sidewalk
Meadowlark can dribble
Hey, that's Richie Beans
Sucking down a Fribble
Aunt Wendy's slicing onions
In the name of anarchy
Look, its Don Cornielius
Dancing with Righteous T.
Someone turns the lights out
Someone calls the feds
Someone with a smart phone
Is playing Talking Heads

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