Don't Move Back To LA - Okkervil River

from the album In The Rainbow Rain (2018)

Late last night, I was driving home from a Billy Strings concert with the stereo cranked up.  I find it amazingly fun to drive on the ATL highways at that time of night; you can go so fast and the streetlights blur with a midnight blue hue.  Try it sometime.

I was listening to a playlist of twenty - or so - new songs, many of which will find their way into this blog in the coming weeks.  As often happens, one song jumps from the playlist, screaming "pick me, pick me." as if it were the petit basset griffon vying for Best of Show at Westminster.  That song was Don't Move Back To LA by Okkervil River, a folk rock / alternative country band from Austin who take their name from a Russian short story set on a St. Petersburg river.

I dig the song for its laid back vibe, which perfectly juxtaposes my racing around the Grady Curve.  I also dig Will Sheff's vocal delivery; reminding me of Jonathan Richmond with his hoarse tone and mildly intoxicated inflections.  And just like a Modern Lovers song, there are infectious background vocals for the lead vocals to sing counterpoint against.

I am singing background vocals along with the band.  "Don't move back to LA."  Rounding the turn onto Langford Parkway, watching out for blue lights.

Click Here to listen to Don't Move Back To LA by Okkervil River.