Everybody's Coming To My House - David Byrne

from the album American Utopia (2018)

Do you spend too much time thinking about how rapidly our world is changing and agonizing over how to stay relevant on other people's terms.

What if we flipped it?  What if we changed our posture to "If you can't join them, beat them?"  Wouldn't they be surprised?

What if we imagined our own world and filled it with all our creative friends and the people we choose to spend our time with?  What if we made art and time for us, rather for the acceptance of those who ultimately matter less to us?

There are enough of us.  We could sustain it.  We just might find ourselves happier and more fulfilled.

It is about us.  It is about our community.  It is about people with beautiful spirits finding peace together; living their lives, strutting their talents, surrounded by warm, decent, like-minded humans.  Our house is for us.  We are a groove tribe.

Sulcus Tribus.

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