Go Out Fighting - Dr. Dog

from the album Critical Equation (2018)

I currently find myself in a professional situation where I have lost confidence in the leadership of the team I am working for but strongly believe in the value and importance of the work I am doing.

My advice to someone in my situation would be to hedge your bets; to begin searching for a new organization while continuing to execute on the work at hand.

However prudent that advise may be, I cannot do it.  I am not programmed that way.  I am either in or I am out.  Perhaps it is some kind of perverse manifestation of my Heide Klum syndrome?

So, after much consternation, I have decided to go all in.  Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.

Go Out Fighting by Dr. Dog is the perfect anthem for the path I chose.  The song's title is my mantra. The psychedelic vibe and expansive bass groove speak to my sense of individuality.  The hint of John Lennon in the vocal line speaks to my righteous indignation.  The loose and swirling beat speaks to the turbulent sea that I must navigate.

At the end of the song's breakdown enter the words "never give up," followed by a triumphant, guitar-driven, musical exalt.  This is my battle cry.

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