In Between Stars - Eleanor Friedberger

from the album Rebound (2018)

On first listen to the song In Between Stars by Eleanor Friedberger, I immediately knew that this would be one of my favorite songs of the year.  It just has "it."  I dig the vibe created by the mix of electronic and organic instruments.  I also dig how the song has warmth and space.  Moreover, the song also has a timeless feel where, despite sounding fresh and modern, I could hear Carly Simon singing it.

However, it has taken me a few months to write about this song, primarily because the meaning of the lyrics elude me.  They are abstruse.

In between moons, I was the sea
I was the sea
In between stars, I was the salt
I was the salt
Wild and vulgar were the ones that you could see
The ugly idols not cherished by me

I have tried to figure these lyrics out, and the exercise has taught me a valuable lesson: Not everything is meant to be taken literally and that in order to truly understand obtuse circumstances, you need to look a layer, or two, deeper; delving into the artist's frame of mind.

This is easy to do when considering an abstract painting.  It is more difficult when listening to heartfelt emotions coming from a flesh and blood woman.

I've come to find that this song is about feeling detached from the hubbub, not part of the scene, but still feeling strong and powerful despite the distance.  I get that.

The song's direct meaning may be more apparent in the closing lyrics:

I don't know how I've come to see the world
Exclusively through your eyes
Everything I buy and eat and do with you in mind

I get that, too.

Click Here to listen to In Between Stars by Eleanor Friedberger.