I've Been Loving You Too Long - Michelle Malone

from the album Slings & Arrows (2018)

I had the great fortune of being a part of the ATL music scene in the 1990s.  It was thriving with incredible artists, crossing every imaginable genre.

Over time, I became very disciplined in studying everyone's career arcs and noting common elements shared by the most successful artists.  As regular readers might guess, it always came down to vocal and songwriting ability.

Two of the very best Atlanta artists of that era were Shawn Mullins and Michelle Malone.  They each could sing and write.

On the new Michelle Malone album, they come together to perform a duet on I've Been Loving You Too Long; a cover of the classic ballad of another great Georgia artist, Otis Redding.  Their voices are as remarkable today as they were back then; perhaps even better.

As I sit back in my dark studio, listening to this song at high volume, I am also reminded of two other traits that they, and other successful artists, share:  dedication and perseverance.

I continue to admire them both.

Click Here to listen to Michelle Malone and Shawn Mullins cover Otis Redding's I've Been Loving You Too Long.


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