My Queen Is Harriet Tubman - Sons Of Kemet

from the album Your Queen Is A Reptile (2018)

Last year, for my birthday, my good friend Jaba B. gave me a book titled The Best Minds Of My Generation - A Literary History Of The Beats by Allen Ginsberg.  It is a fascinating collection of curated professorial lectures that Ginsberg delivered over several decades.

In one of these lectures, Ginsberg talks about Jack Kerouac and his love of jazz; in particular, bebop. He spoke about how Kerouac would mimic the riffs of horn players with his words, forming a unique street poetry.  He also spoke of how the musicians would mimic the sounds they heard in the street with their horns.  Think of Dizzy Gillespie trumpeting the central line to Salt Peanuts.  Everything comes full circle: the street to the horn, the horn to the poet, the poet to the street.

The book also discusses the musicians who were most influential on The Beats; which causes me to ask, "What musical artists would The Beats listen to today?"

Shabaka Hutchings is certainly one of those musicians.  When I imagine The Beats in a small jazz club listening to his band - Sons Of Kemet - playing their debut single My Queen Is Harriet Tubman, I envision full out revelry.  Cigarettes, booze, and women.  Brilliant writers manically connecting with each beat of the dual drummers' soca rhythms, bouncing their heads to each thud of the tuba, and riding the saxophone on its delirious journey through all the cacophony.

It is chaos.  It is beauty.  It's a hard, hard bop.  Dig it!

Click Here to listen to My Queen Is Harriet Tubman by Sons of Kemet.