Negative Space - Hookworms

from the album Microshift (2018)

On Thursday night, a couple of my funky friends were out drinking at The Yacht Club, a locals bar with big glass windows on a busy street in ATL's Little Five Points neighborhood, when a gun battle broke out a few hundred feet down the street.

Instinctively, everybody got down on the floor and began to belly-crawl, away from the windows, towards the back of the bar and the kitchen.  After laying there a while, before the ambulances carted off the wounded or the police arrived to secure the area, people started crawling back to their original spots to gather their cigarettes and drinks.  They then crawled back, laying on the floor, smoking and drinking, acting as though it was an ordinary night.

I dig this scene.  It speaks to these surreal times and to the resilience of people like my funky friends.  They keep on keeping it real.

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