Pink Squirrel - Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of Pink Squirrel, a mixtape series intended to enrapture listeners with the best new music of 2018.  This episode is all about the groove.  It bounces from alternative to punky-funky to hip-hop to dance before settling into an extended jam of Soulful House.

With the exception of Parliament, not many of these artists are household names; unless, of course, you live in a very groovy abode.  That said, artists like Shopping, Khruangbin, Babert, and Husky lay down some incredible music on this mix.

I really find myself digging the Soulful House tracks.  Listen to the saxophone on Natasha Kitty Katt's Windy City or the trumpet on Husky's Can't Shake It Off; it brings jazz instrumentation into the modern club scene in a way that really turns me on.

I hope you dig it !!!

Here is the playlist:

Jukebox Babe by Moon Duo

The Hype by Shopping

Love & Sacrifice by Sylvan LaCue

It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) by Peggy Gou

Psycho Star by King Tuff

I'm Gon Make U Sic O' Me by Parliament

Evan Finds The Third Room by Khruangbin

Windy City by Natasha Kitty Katt

Feel Like New by Sam Dexter

Do You Dance by Men Without A Clue

Darlin' Playa by Phonk D

We Got To Celebrate by Babert

Can't Shake It Off by Husky

Can't Get Enough by Serge Funk

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  1. In a musical world ultimately driven by the power of the dollar, I am truly grateful for being able to depend on the 40 Watt Gigolo to deliver the goods. But not only to deliver the goods, 40 watt rings out a passion that reaches out to the core groove by making it available to the tribe without subscription cost. Like Thomas Jefferson not wanting a patent system, because it would diminish the gift of human thought from one person to another thereby embracing humanity and succeeding in the betterment of mankind. Sort of "one small step" stuff,; but, the music does soothe the abject savageness that we all suffer from in one way or another through work, relationships, or just the general fuckers that are wound too tight to be humane to their fellows. The Gigolo abides! The ability to search out and curate the vibes that resonate one to the marrow. I can only imagine the algorithm that is at work to seed this search, but I do know that whatever this elusive value is it is worthy of being prefixed by the article The! Yup, that good. We are all stuck in this groovy tribe on this menial planet warmed by an atomic flame in the middle of nowhere in particular, and always thrilled to aurally surrealistic wonder by the 40 Watt Gigolo.

    1. Nobody ever talks about it, but I imagine that Thomas Jefferson really loved music. How couldn’t he?

      I can picture him swaying to a waltz in Paris, or foot stomping in the slave quarters.

      He think he first said “Free your mind and your ass will follow.”

  2. Imagine that, a democratic idealist getting' his grove on - most probably via the sounds from a harpsichord. But long prior to Pythagoras outing the harmonics of different lengths of a lyre, to witch no in tune tone is deemed a liar, the music itself was present stirring within us and accelerating the Brownian movement of our molecules until our entire body is an epileptic tsunami of wiggling that we call dance. Ah, the shaking of the leg, or as Tommy J would have spun in the day the "ole jump down turn around" doo-wop shingaling, thingy. Hey, can we dance with your dates?

    1. Dance is the ultimate form of democracy. It doesn't matter if your the king or the underling; people only bust a move for those who drop the groove.

      Thomas Jefferson knew that !


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