Psycho Star - King Tuff

from the album The Other (2018)

Good things happen when you layer melodic psychedelia over a funky beat and a deep groove.  Such is the case with Psycho Star by King Tuff.

I just can't get enough of the beat.  It is the kind of thing you might hear on Frenchman Street in New Orleans.  Subtle little high hat rhythms playing off the gallop of the beat.  It then switches to something more rocking without ever losing the essentials of the beat.  Back and forth.  Effortless.  Amazing.

The bass groove is equally impressive.  It is locked in with the drums without fully melding.  When it drops out, you miss it.  When it kicks back in, you rejoice.  It is a mighty groove.

Atop the bass and drums are a spectrum of psychedelic tones that recall 70s FM radio, complete with wah-wah pedals, an opening synth right out a Steve Miller hit, flangers, phasers, chorus effects, and a radio friendly melody.

I also dig the songs overarching message that this earth is too good for us humans.  The backing vocals are full and appealing.

But, in the end, this song is all about the bass and drums.

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