from the album Dawn (2018)

One of the great joys of writing this blog is stumbling across recording artists that I have never heard of previously.  Most often, they are some hot, new band or singer.  However, occasionally the artist has been around for a long time but simply missed my radar.

This is the case with SILENT POETS, an electronic duo from Tokyo who specialize in Acid Jazz, Downtempo, Dub, and Trip Hop who have been releasing music since 1991.  Currently, the duo is flying solo with the musical stylings of Michiharu Shimoda.

Their latest single - Shine - caught my attention by featuring a guest vocal by Hollie Cook.  Hollie is a darling of this blog - and the London scene - lending her sweet vocals to some tremendous reggae and dub tunes over the past five years.

Such is the case with Shine.  It is classic dub tune with a laid back tempo, fantastic piano and horn segments, and Hollie Cook's delightful vocals.  It sounds like something you might hear in a Brixton roti shop, rather than Tokyo.  Yet...

I hope you dig this tune.

Click Here to listen to Shine by SILENT POETS on Soundcloud.