Spectacular - Shinya Fukumori Trio

from the album For 2 Akis (2018)

IN THE BEGINNING, God created the heaven and the earth; and, soon after, God created all sorts of other stuff.  By any estimation, God was an accomplished architect, creating a universe that is still going strong after four and a half billion years.

Yet beyond its structural integrity and choice of materials, God's grand design offers a masterclass in understanding the user experience.  Everything relates to everything else.  Everything is interconnected with precision and elegance.

To achieve this on such a grand scale, God recognized the need for balance.  So, when it was time to deploy, God proclaimed "Let there be light," and there was light; whose countervailing kin - night - is equally sacred.  Just ask Louis Armstrong.

This segmentation of day and night creates a mechanism for all of the "users" to synchronize; ensuring that they function and operate it concert with one another.  This brilliant symphony is realized every morning.  The rooster knows when to crow, the day lily knows when to open its petals, and the drunken sailor knows when to return to his ship.

So why - in God's name - do we have Daylight Savings Time?  Why do we force humans to wake an hour earlier, before the bird catches the worm?  Why must my dog stare up at me and wonder if we are going fishing?

I have researched it, and it has nothing to do with helping farmers or school children.  It was first implemented in 1916 by the Germans as a way to conserve electricity.  It is an efficiency scheme that fails to recognize that we do not need to turn on our electric lights when we - along with all of God's other creatures - are sleeping.

So, why don't we all get together and end this cruel and misguided practice?  Why don't we embrace God's design and resynchronize with the birds and the trees?  If we want to cut our power bill, then we should buy lower wattage bulbs.

Why do we need to get up an hour earlier on a rainy Sunday morning?  Is it really because the Kaiser was trying to conserve electricity while Germany was losing a war?  This is asinine.  I am going back to sleep.

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  1. So this was invented on the heels of a war during an agrarian driven economy, then continued through the manufacturing decades, and still lingering like a bad cold into the information age?? Study after study shows how physically bad this is for us as groovy humans, not to mention the spike in accidents and such that occur as our bides try and adjust over the next few weeks. I am with you Gigolo. It's late so what is God's flashlight (aka the sun) doing still shining in my face? Time to end this...

    1. The crazy thing is that the Kaiser first implemented it to prolong a war and kill more Allies. Then, when they sold thecae to Americans, it was the corrupt Harding administration telling us it was for the farmers, when - it reality - it was for their billionaire contributors. Sound familiar?

      Then - knowing it was an affront to the human body - they let it kick in on Sunday morning because it is better to ruin your weekend than to have unproductive factory workers on a Monday.

      The entire thing stinks.

  2. See I even made a typo! ("bodies" not "bides") Case n point!! 'Nuff said...

  3. Daylight Savings Time is the worst. Wrecks my beauty sleep every stinking time. I mean, here it is 10:40, but no, it’s really 9:40, but hey I’m on the west coast so to my body, it’s...oh hell, I have no freaking idea. Good night.

    1. Why do we let our fellow humans mess with time? The whole Leap Year thing is a big oops. And what's up with the clock? Why did they let a guy with six fingers on each hand design it?


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