These 3 Things - Ought

from the album Room Inside The World (2018)

I find myself repeatedly listening to the song These 3 Things by Ought, a four-piece post-punk band from Montreal.  It is dense and danceable, in a manner reminiscent of some Roxy Music tunes from the late 70's or The Cure of the 80's.

Although the vibe and the groove provide the initial attraction, it is the juxtaposing of fragile vocals with confident instrumentation that keeps me coming back.

Tim Darcy's vocals are captivating, offering a quavering balance of theatrics, poetics, and melancholy.  Counterbalanced by an industrially steady beat, pulsing bass, and retro-electronics, one gets a sense on being suspended in an anxious limbo.

It is fascinating.

Click Here to watch the official music video to These 3 Things by Ought.