We Got To Celebrate - Babert

from the single We Got To Celebrate (2018)

For the luckiest amongst us, we will get to spend about 25,000 days living on this planet.  Some of those days will be happy, others will be sad, and a whole bunch will fall someplace in between.

Fortunately, we humans are blessed with an incredible gift of memory; allowing us to vividly recall good moments so that they can sustain us when times get tough.

When I consider "the happiest days of my life," they largely consist of joyous moments with family, friends, lovers, and strangers.  What makes these moments special is the magic of sharing emotions and experiences together.

So, if we want to make the most of our 25,000 days, we need to create as many of these happy moments as possible.  We can do this by spending more time with those kindred souls in our lives.

We got to celebrate.

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