A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega - Ashley McBryde

from the album Girl Going Nowhere (2018)

Once upon a time, I played bass in an alternative country band whose sound flirted around the edges of rockabilly, surf, and psychedelia.  We were hot shit in Atlanta.  Creative Loafing called us "the darlings of the redneck underground" and included us in that year's "Best of" issue.  It was a fine time.

One Friday night, we were playing at The Star Bar, ground zero for the redneck underground.  A subgenre of a subgenre.  A scene onto itself.  After our set, I was talking to some guys who regularly drove down from a small town in the North Georgia mountains.  Some people speculated that they grew weed, but I knew nothing about that.

They offered us a gig playing at their Fourth of July party at a place in the woods, outside of Dahlongega.  It was a bit of a hike, but a paying gig is a paying gig.  We took the job.

We set up our gear and took the stage (actually a front porch) mid-afternoon.  It was brutally hot; nearly one hundred degrees.  Still, people were dancing hard and our band never let up.  My eyes burned so much that I couldn't tell if I was at a hoedown or a jamboree.  At one point, my E string literally stopped vibrating because it was so drenched in sweat.

When our set ended, the singer and drummer packed their gear and headed straight back to ATL.  They needed some rest before our Star Bar gig later that night.  The guitar player, Jack, and I decided it was better to drive into town, find an air conditioned bar, and chill out.

That leads us to a little dive bar in Dahlonega.  Me and Jack, drinking PBRs, shooting pool, talking girls and music.  It was heaven.

That said, I find it almost surreal listening to Ashley McBryde's new tune - A Little Dive Bar In Dahlongega.  I can picture her sitting at that bar.  When she sings about finding herself there "making the best of the worst days in my life," I want to give her a hug and buy her a drink.

I wonder how many other ramblers have passed through that bar?

Click Here to listen to A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega by Ashley McBride.


  1. Do you think it's the same place??? How cool!!

    1. There are not many other places in Dahlonega. Although, Zac Brown just opened a distillery there...


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