California Finally - La Luz

from the album Floating Features (2018)

Picture yourself in a imported convertible at 4AM, driving away from that evening's decadent scene and towards your modern unit that overlooks the Southern California beach.  The traffic lights seen to shine extra bright as the sky turns indigo.

You light up the roach that has been living in your ashtray and breathe the smoke deep inside.  California.  Your mind and spirit become one.

You turn on the stereo and hear the girls in La Luz singing California Finally.  The vibe is a dusty version of light '60s psychedelia.  The subtle gallop of the beat propels you down the street.  The reverb in the guitar speaks to you in the moment.  The hazy dreaminess of the backing vocals are a lush pillow for your wandering mind to float upon.

Let's all move to Redondo Beach...

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