Can't Live Here Anymore - Katy Guillen & The Girls

from the album Remember What You Knew Before (2018)

Can't Live Here Anymore is a new song by the Kansas City trio, Katy Guillen & The Girls.  I dig the song for its sensible pop-rock hooks and vocals, which combine to remind me of songs released by The Bangles a few decades ago.

The band has paid their dues, touring the United States as an opening act for larger, better-known bands.  You get a sense of how this permeates their music in the song's opening measures.  It is a straight-four beat, with the lead guitar joining in with a crunchy distorted hook that becomes central to the song.  You can easily imagine this being played in a large venue.

This tune is also notable for the quality of the lead and backing vocals.  Every syllable is delivered purposefully.  You can understand the lyrics and want to sing along with the call and response of the backing vocalists by the end of the tune.

The song also includes an inspired guitar solo.

Nothing like listening to a fresh power-pop trio.

Click Here to listen to Can't Live Here Anymore on the band's Bandcamp site (along with the other songs from their new record).

Click Here to listen to a live rendition of Can't Live Here Anymore by Katy Guillen & The Girls.  It is raw and more rocking than the record.