C.O.O.L. Party - Confidence Man

from the album Confident Music For Confident People (2018)

Confidence Man are a dance pop duo from Melbourne, Australia whose debut album - Confident Music For Confident People - is one of the most eclectically fun records of the year.

My favorite track is C.O.O.L. Party, which features bratty girl chatter over a wicked bass groove.  The singer's name is Janet Planet, which - for sure - begs a reference to Moon Unit Zappa.  The lyrics detail all the fun people and stuff you might find at the party of the year.  It is light and fun fare.

But the bass groove is serious stuff.  It is hard and crisp, easy to dance to, and infectious.  I can't wait to bust my bass out and learn it!

I also dig the guitar playing and synthesizers, particularly when they remind me of Groove Is In The Heart.

This is a fun one...

Click Here to listen to C.O.O.L. Party by Confidence Man.