Egyptian Luvr - Rejjie Snow

from the album Dear Annie (2018)

I have had the song Egyptian Luvr by Rejjie Snow in my new music rotation for a while now, listening to it nearly every day for the past six weeks.  I dig the tune.

While the song is playing, I find myself exploring just what makes me like one hip hop or rap song over another.  I think it comes down to the groove and vibe.

In any genre, I tend to connect better with songs that have a well defined groove.  In hip hop or rap, I prefer slower, more deliberate grooves; something tasty, with a bit of space.  I also prefer a vibe that is a bit laid back.  Harder edged rap is too aggressive for me.

Egyptian Luvr checks both boxes.  I also dig how the rappers step in, hit their verse, and exit; with the female vocalist carrying a silky melody line throughout.  It allows for a consistency while also exploring different vantage points of the musical polygon.

Click Here to watch a video for Egyptian Luvr by Rejjie Snow.