Hunnybee - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

from the album Sex & Food (2018)

The thing that I really dig about Unknown Mortal Orchestra is their ability to create exceptional vibes that precisely hit the mark.  If this Brooklyn outfit wants to create a Delphonics vibe, they head into the studio and - poof - there it is!

This requires a mastery of understanding structure, tone, and space.  It also requires the instrumental and studio craftsmanship necessary to pull it off.  The adeptness of Unknown Mortal Orchestra in executing these skills record-after-record amazes me.

On Hunnybee, the band chooses to lay down a Prince vibe.  Structurally, it is all laid down with perfection, with the drums and bass leading the way; however, it is also present in the choices of chords, the vocal line, and the synthesized horns.  Each instrument's tone is perfection and the production has the perfect sheen.

But the thing that really amazes me is the bounce.  Prince songs have a bounce to them.  You hear it in the roundness of the bass and the way the drums sound like they were recorded in a bouncy house. The bounce also benefits from the space in the music, giving the bounce an opportunity to breathe.

You hear that bounce on Hunnybee.  It is masterful.

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