Incidental Boogie - U.S. Girls

from the album In A Poem Unlimited (2018)

I was recently approached by a tribute band asking if I would be interested in playing bass.  Although tribute bands are not my thing, this group consists of some funky friends and they are playing tunes by The Pretenders.  I dig that.

So, this weekend I spent some time learning the bass part for My City Is Gone.  It reminded me of the power of groove and tone.

Groove is a mighty force.  It creates a foundation for a song.  Other instruments play off the groove.  The groove is also unforgiving.  There are two objectives of playing the bass: establishing the groove and maintaining the groove.  Maintaining a groove is a challenge.  It requires chops and stamina.  It the groove falls apart - even for a single note - the entire song falls apart.

Tone also matters, particularly when playing a popular song.  Everyone familiar with the bass line to My City Is Gone not only knows every note, but how that note is supposed to sound.  Getting it perfect every time takes craft.  It is not just about getting the settings right on your amplifier, but also about the way your fingers work the frets and pluck the strings.  It takes practice and skill.

Take the time to hug a bass player.

Incidental Boogie by U.S. Girls is one of the songs that I've enjoyed most over the past few months.  Although the bass line is not as prominent as My City Is Gone, it subliminally - together with the drums and rhythm guitar - creates a groove that is the foundation of the tune.

These three instruments also come together to form an incredible soundscape.  The craftsmanship necessary for three players to come together this way is significant.

It is a great tune that I appreciate more thanks to my recent side project.  Hope you enjoy.

Click Here to watch a "live" performance of Incidental Boogie by U.S. Girls.

Click Here to listen to My City is Gone by The Pretenders.