Name Of The Game - A.J. Croce

from the album Just Like Medicine (2017)

Jim Croce was one of the greatest American songwriters of the 1970s.  His songs were tender and witty; telling stories, creating characters, and forming a musical lexicon that anyone could enjoy. It is crowded on the Mount Rushmore of great American songwriters, but Jim Croce was amongst the very best.

So how amazing is it to hear a song of Jim's that has never previously been recorded?

Name Of The Game is a delightful song on A.J. Croce's 2017 album, Just Like Medicine.  Sung as a duet with Vince Gill, A.J. Croce pays homage to his father through vibe and tones.  Listen to the guitar and piano, the background singers, and the drumming.  It almost gives me chills.

But, for this gigolo, it is all about songwriting.  The unmistakable structure.  The balance of melody and space.  The trademark vocal line.  Jim Croce's music lives at that mystical intersection of black magic and mathematics.  There is voodoo in the vibe.

If you are serious about songwriting, spend a solitary weekend with some good booze, great speakers, and the three Jim Croce records.  Every song is a treasure.

Click Here to listen to Name Of The Game by A.J. Croce.