Salton Sea - Josh Rouse

from the album Love In The Modern Age (2018)

About a decade ago, I found myself in a weird state; ecstatic to be regularly uncovering scores of great songs by dozens of new artists, yet glooming over the lack of close musical friends to share these songs with.

Throughout high school, college, and my band days, I was perpetually surrounded by fellow music lovers.  It was through these friends that I was introduced to many records that have enriched my life.  And then there were the concerts: Uncle Tupelo in a basement bar in St. Louis, Whiskeytown in an Athens, GA dive, and Lucinda Williams in the north Florida swamps.  So many memories.  Yet, somehow, all those friends had scattered in search of 40 acres and a mule.

Ultimately, I rectified the gloom by starting this blog.  It has reconnected me with some of my dearest music friends, along with many other kindred spirits.

Josh Rouse is one of those artists I began listening to in the late 2000s.  Quiet Town was one of my favorite songs back then.  So was It's The Night Time and It Looks Like Love.  His pop sensibility in his songwriting and his choices of exquisite tones really resonated with me.

It feels good to listen to his new album, Love In The Modern Age.  It connects me to those days.  The vibe, the tones, the songwriting.  It is as sensible as ever.

The song I am digging most is Salton Sea.  It refers to an inland sea in the California desert, not far from Death Valley.  It is far below sea level and stifling hot.  Even worse, the high salt content makes it difficult for most fish to survive.  What better setting for a song about loss?

Thanks to Josh Rouse for being a part of my musical journey.

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