Tokyo Bay - Nick Lowe

from the EP Tokyo Bay / Crying Inside (2018)

Once upon a time, my musical trinity consisted of Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe and Squeeze; all clever songwriters with an affinity for a refreshing brand of power pop that deeply resonated with me.  Their music formed the soundtrack of my budding adulthood.

And as the decades have worn on, it is Nick Lowe who continues to serve as my guiding light.  Hip, slightly reserved, and professional.  A songwriter's songwriter.  Always applying his craft.  Seamlessly gliding from pub rock to country to rockabilly to surf.  Always maintaining his signature sound.  My idol.

Last night, I heard Tokyo Bay; the first track off of a four song EP he is releasing this June.  It is a rambling, rockabilly affair about a "long gone daddy" who writes a note, jumps a steamer, and ships off to find a little geisha.

As I listen to Nick Lowe describe his far east journey, my musical and spiritual compass rediscovers true north.

Click Here to listen to Tokyo Bay by Nick Lowe.