Weird Thought Thinker - Joshua Hedley

from the album Mr. Jukebox (2018)

At some level, every artist is playing a character.  I mean, Johnny Cash never "shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die," did he?

But at some other level, every song must have some kind of autobiographical tie.  Every good song, at least?

Weird Thought Thinker is a not just a bit autobiographical, it is a self-portrait.  This is Joshua Hedley singing into the mirror.  I really like where he takes this song, but what I really dig is that he is playing a western waltz.  Of all the genres and subgenres of music, he chose a western waltz.  What does this say about the person at his core?

Is he a man out of time?  Is he a cornball romantic?  Or is he a dusty troubadour, rambling about, singing his tune?

What style of music would you chose for your self-portrait?   New Wave?  Folk?  Rap?  It is interesting to think about.  Hmmm.

Click Here to watch Joshua Hedley perform Weird Thought Thinker.