Dance Scandal At The Gymnasium - The Claudettes

from the album Dance Scandal At The Gymnasium! (2018)

My funky friend, Richie Beans, and I occasionally go into the local record store and buy a CD for the other guy.  It is very fun and I always get turned onto something I dig.

Well, if Mr. Beans and I went into Decatur CD tonight, I would by him Dance Scandal At The Gymnasium! by The Claudettes.  It is my favorite record of the year.

The Claudettes' sound is driven by a rollicking Chicago blues piano sound, the type that Memphis Slim is famous for, coupled with a punk and rockabilly rhythm session, groin' female vocals, and some daring arrangements.

Sometimes, I listen through the entire album focusing on the drumming of Danny Yost.  It is some of the finest drumming that I have heard in years.

My favorite tune is the title track, Dance Scandal At Th Gymnasium.  The pounding piano, swirling beat, and vocal stylings create vibe reminiscent of a runaway mystery train.  It is great American music.

Get ready to dig it, Mr. Beans.

Click Here to watch The Claudettes perform Dance Scandal At The Gymnasium live at the Sioux City Jazz Festival.


  1. I am diggin' it, Mr. Gigolo. The only thing that'd make it better is seeing them live, chillin' in the rolling hills of Sioux City together and taking in the Great Plains vibe together. Let's hit the CD store again real soon—we're over due. Rock on!


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