Fake Bitch - gobbinjr

from the album Ocala Wick (2018)

Gobbinjr is the synth-pop project of Emma Witmer, a budding Wisconsin musician who moved to NYC, enrolled in NYU, and began making her musical dreams come true.  I find her songwriting to be top-rate and her attention to detail impeccable.

When I first came across her new song, Fake Bitch, I smiled and gave it a spin.  To my delight, the opening visual image (as well as the remaining lyrics) touched my heart:

I felt you press your dick against my thigh
When we hugged
I didn't ask for it
You're not the one I want
'Cause you're a fake bitch and you know it
Even when you try not to show it
You're a fake bitch and I know it

Weren't you expecting the song to be about a chick?  I sure was; but - bam - the subject's dick gets mentioned in the first line.  It is clever, ironic, and worthy of our respect.  The fake bitch is a dude!

Once you get past the lyrics, check out the chord structure and the arrangement.  They are fantastic.  I dig how the warbling synthesizers are ever present despite it being a guitar tune.  Next listen to the vocal and how every inflection is perfectly placed.  Isn't it further ironic that she mentions the subject's "inflection" in the lyrics?

I do not know where Ms. Witmer's musical journey will lead, but I hope to stay plugged in for the ride.

Click Here to watch the official video for Fake Bitch by gobbinjr.