Fists Of Fury - Kamasi Washington

from the album Heaven and Earth (2018)

My friend Brett is an accomplished DJ on a streaming music station.  The other night, we were riding Uber to a Brian Jonestown Massacre show in East Atlanta, talking about playlists.  I asked him how he managed to produce three-hour show after three-hour show.  My mixes sometimes take months to produce.

He said that his secret is not thinking about it.  His method involves picking a song, listening to it, and then picking a song that sounds real good following it.  He always plays one of the first two - or three - to come to mind; that way it feels more real.

Ultimately, Brett is dismissing structure.  His eyes are wide open. He scoffs at predisposition.  He simply kicks back, listens to his jam, and asks "What sounds good next?"  Then he plays it.  And it works every time.

Can you apply that same approach to a song's structure?  Lay down a groove and a vibe, noodle it out a little bit, then switch to whatever new groove and vibe you think would work best?  No intro-verse-chorus-bridge shit, just play whatever sounds best, man.

I can dig that.

Click Here to listen to a preview of the first minute of Fists of Fury by Kamasi Washington.  The song is ultimately over nine minutes long, consisting of a series of stitched together grooves (and vibes).  The structure is loose.  It must be liberating to make a record like this.