Get To Know - Cosmo's Midnight

from the single Get To Know (2018)

So much of what is interesting in music relates to the intersections of diverse genres and subgenres.  This is where new possibilities are born.

The greatest catalyst for this today is electronic music.  It seems as though every type of music becomes more interesting when it is combined with electronica.  Dance, jazz, hip-hop, alternative, and even classical.  You name it.

Get To Know by Cosmo's Midnight sits at the intersection of electronica and R&B.   I dig the song's tempo, which is slower than the song sounds.  This gives the two musical styles a real chance to meld.  You feel it in the buoyancy of the beat.  Doesn't it sound round?

I also dig how the R&B vibe of the breakdowns set the stage for the beat's return.  This is such a simple and binary song, that works because of how good the two parts sound together.  This is also due, in no small part, to the guest vocals of Winston Surfshirt.

Take a close listen to this song, picking out the electronic and R&B elements.  It is very agreeable.

Click Here to listen to Get To Know by Cosmo's Midnight.

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