Like It Is - COEO

from the EP Disco Volante (2018)

COEO is an electronic and dance duo from Munich consisting of Florian Vietz and Andreas Höpfl.  Their name comes from a latin term, loosely meaning "to unite."  I find it very much in sync with their musical style, which is approachable and consumable.

I've been hooked on their club single, Like It Is, for a few weeks now.  I dig how the beat builds for the first minute of the tune, segments of the rhythm systematically attaching themselves, like a giant, sonic molecule forming right before your ears.

Then the bass enters.  My lord!  The groove is so simple and round.  A repeating pentatonic scale.  Five notes bouncing back and forth.  It is impossible not to be infected.

From there, the synthesized horns, vocals, and other embellishments seamlessly fuse into this ever expanding object of beauty.

But it is really all about that mighty bass groove.  Wow.

Click Here to listen to Like It Is by COEO.