Make It Rain - Shoshana Bean

from the album Spectrum (2018)

For the past few months, my late night groove mix has featured Make It Rain by Shoshana Bean.  The song is a bluesy jazz composition featuring a high-wire vocal performance from the incredibly gifted Ms. Bean.

The song was originally written and recorded by Foy Vance in 2014.  It was subsequently covered by Ed Sheeran.

It is perfect for contemplative time spent alone.  The song is timeless in a way that frees your mind to wander.  I also find it to be uplifting; offering strength through blues.

I offer this song to you for times when clarity of thought is desired (or if you just want to hear a good tune).

Click Here to listen to the album version of Shoshana Bean's cover of Make It Rain.

Click Here to watch a live "acoustic" version of Make It Rain by Shoshana Bean performed at Past Studios in NYC earlier this year.  This rendition allows you to fully appreciate the beauty of the songwriting and the magnificence of the vocalist.