Me & My (To Bury Your Parents) - André 3000

from the social media release Me & My (To Bury Your Parents) (2018)

In the nearly seven years since my dad died, I have made it a priority to visit my mom almost every Sunday.  At first, the goal was to keep her from getting lonely.  Now, it is more about keeping an eye on her health and general well being.

So, for this Mother's Day, I decided to but all the annoying "stuff" behind and simply focus on having fun.  It worked.  We laughed and had a non-stop good time.  I will never forget it.

Driving home, I thought about the relationships I've had with each of my parents and just how fortunate I have been.

Once home, I began reading about - and subsequently listening to - an unexpected Mother's Day release from Outkast's André 3000.  It is a loving song about both his parents, titled Me & My (To Bury Your Parents).  The song features a truly beautiful piano track coupled with great woodwind and vocal performances. It has all the warmth and magic of a Stevie Wonder deep cut.

Take a listen.  It offers a glimpse of just how gifted an artist André 3000 is.  It also connects on a very human level.

Click Here to listen to Me & My Parents (To Bury Your Parents) by André 3000 on SoundCloud.