Middle America - Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

from the album Sparkle Hard (2018)

At this stage in my life, I have honed my professional craft to a level of mastery that I could not have imagined twenty, or thirty,  years ago.  All of the hard work has paid off.  I am at my most potent, my most valuable.  I am at the pinnacle of my capability.

Yet the world does not recognize it.  It sees me as a middle aged sod, the type who needs to be shed as we transform from the Industrial Age to the Information Age.  People refer to you as overqualified, tell you that you are not "the right fit."  What they are telling you is that you are too old, that you are no longer relevant, that you are out of the picture.

You want to say "fuck off" and kick their asses.  You want to show them just how superior you are.  Yet you hold yourself back.  You fear the ticking clock, the fear that if you take risk - and fail - you will not have the time to financially recover and that the people who count on you will suffer.

So instead, you suffer endless humiliation as you gather your acorns ahead of the coming winter.

There is a line n the song Middle America by Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks that says:

I will not be one of the watchers
I will not disappear

I am inspired by this line.  It makes me want to stand a little taller, take on the naysayers, and shine.

Click Here to watch Stephen Makmus & The Jicks perform Middle America live.