Mo Light - 47Soul

from the album Balfron Promise (2018)

The iPhone has rendered a lot of things obsolete.  One of those things is the anthropologist.

With our massive digital footprints, future generations will know all about us by simply exploring our record.  Every element off our lives is being captured.  Nobody will need to guess.

Funny thing is that we are the first generation to be recorded this way.  From the perspective of a curious person - say four hundred years from now - we are as far back as you can go, digitally.

Think of the power we have.  And responsibility.  We get to frame how future people view earlier civilization and culture,  They will know our tendencies and sounds in a way that we cannot "know" previous cultures and people.

So, our digital legacy truly matters.  What will it be?

Nature and art form a good foundation.  Music and dance makes it even better.

Let's shine.

Click Here to listen to Mo Light by 47Soul.


  1. Let us gain more light, in the illumination of our spirits - for in the dark we are always fumbling our humanity!

    The expressions of 47Soul encompassing the sounds of ancient tones is excellent. You've found the nerve of tonal ecstasy once again 40Watt.


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