Simme Meridionali - Gianni Santoro & Gianni Vezzosi

from the album Emozionando (2018)

Sharply dressed in black, I step inside the chapel a moment after the ceremony begins.  Sure-footedly, I march down the aisle, passing a handful of attendees on either side, and stop immediately behind the bride and would-be groom.

I face those assembled.  In a deep and official tone, I announce, "Ladies and gentleman, please pardon the interruption.  This should only take a moment"  Next, I advise the best man, "Sir, I need you to take this gentleman into the atrium and await my further instruction."  He complies.

I then turn to the bride, nod my head, and ask, "May I have a word?"

We solemnly approach the side entrance, her back towards the wide-eyed congregation.  We lock eyes.  She smiles.

"I've got two tickets to."

"This is really happening," she amusedly interrupts.

"Yes.  It is."

Roughly seventy hours later, we check out of the Antica Locanda Dei Mercanti, grab the keys, put the top down, and roll off.  Once outside the city, she pops some chilled Prosecco and pours us each a glass.

She is radiant.

As we wind into the Alps, this song plays...

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