The Day The Music Dies - Iceage

from the album Beyondless (2018)

This morning began with my recurring ritual of fixing an espresso, turning on the computer, and checking out what's new in the world.  By the third espresso, I was skimming my Facebook feed when, suddenly, I felt the urge to strum my Stratocaster.

Without any conscious thought, I began playing a song I wrote with my songwriting partner, Fred, decades ago.  This was a common occurrence after his premature death last fall, but in recent months I have not found myself playing our songs at all.

As I strummed, I glanced over at my computer and saw the little red circle at the top of the screen indicating that I had some Facebook activity.

It turned out to be a friend request from Fred's mother, Mimi.

Coincidence?  Anyhow, it got me thinking of Fred, the agony his mom must still be going through, and all the great songs we'll never write.

I proceeded to spend the next two-and-a-half hours listening to the tunes we once recorded.  It was good for the soul.

Make your art your priority and always cherish your friendships.

Click Here to watch the official video for The Day The Music Dies by Iceage.


  1. Strange are the moments that we find our selves in most times, and the most interesting of those moments are the paradoxical coincidences that seem to be in between a twinkle and real clarity. Ponder all the undone and relish all that was, for in between those moments the bonds of friendship did meld into one.


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