Blue Rose - Amen Dunes

from the album Freedom (2018)

In the spheres of art and literature, the color of a rose carries much symbolism.  A red rose for passion, a white rose for spirituality, a black rose for rebirth; but a blue rose?

The blue rose does not naturally exist in nature.  As such, it often symbolizes the quest for the unattainable; in many instances associated with love.

A futile quest for love.  Is there a more holy grail?

In his song Blue Rose, Damon McMahon yearns for a more satisfying relationship with his father; delivering a lyrical account of reality, while his music speaks to the connection he desires.  It is one of the most beautiful songs of 2018.  The closing lines nearly break my heart:

Said you weren't much a man to me
But you're the only one I ever had

To all those seeking a blue rose, I love you.

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