Dreamcatcher - Dario D'Attis & Definition featuring Jinadu

from the single Dreamcatcher (2018)

Diego peaked through the kitchen door at the ordinarily-dressed man seated at the counter.

"Amelia, it is him," he whispered.  "It is him."

"How can you tell?  You have never even seen his picture."

"Look at him, Amelia.  He has the dignity of a great chef.  I know it is him."

Diego rushed to his workstation and began preparing the greatest dish of his life, convinced that the man at the counter was The Peruvian - the mystical chef - who, for a few days in January 2000, served The Millennium Taco.

Word of The Peruvian's creation had first spread locally, through the streets of Veracruz.  Soon after, lines circled the blocks around his tiny restaurant.  Many who tasted The Millennium Taco weeped.  A poet shook as though it were the rapture, while burning his notebook.  Even the bishop knelt before The Peruvian and asked for a blessing.

Then one morning, The Peruvian was gone.  The restaurant closed.  He was never seen again.

The legend grew and rumors spread.  Drug lords.  Carlos Slim's yacht.  The south side of Milwaukee.

Diego followed Amelia to the counter.  "My husband prepared this dish especially for you."  The man nodded his appreciation.

From the kitchen, Diego watched as each bite was taken.  He could imagine every juice, every flavor, trickling down his customer's throat.  The man finished, placed some coins on the counter, and left without a word.

Diego was devastated.  His cooking inferior.  Was my flame too high?  Were my spices too old?  He sat in the alley, staring at a cat.  The cat stared back.

Out front, a line began to form.

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