Got Me Coming Back Rite Now - Moodymann

from the single Pitch Black City Reunion (2018)

One of my favorite albums of all time is The In Crowd by the Ramsey Lewis Trio.  This 1965 release featured a collection of the trio's live recordings captured at the Bohemian Caverns in Washington D.C.

Aside from it representing an incredible fusion of bebop, funk, and afro-jazz, what makes the record "real" for me is its warmth.  I feel as though I am in the room.  I can smell the cigarette smoke.  I know just how that cocktail glass feels in my hand.  I know that the rest room is over by the blue neon light.

Ultimately, that warmth is a sense of organic.  The piano, bass, and drums are so vibrant, so real; causing it to connect with me unlike almost any other record I know.

In the world of electronic music, Detroit House legend - Moodymann - has stood above all others for roughly thirty years in his ability to create warm and organic vibes in the typically cold electronic genre.  He creates this vibe in the roundness and bounce of his bass grooves, the almost analog glow of his beats, and an uncanny production ability to make the listener feel as though they are in the room.

Sometimes, when my funky friends are over, I throw on some Moodymann records and step back to take in the scene.  Everybody is relaxed, natural, and grooving.  It is the same kind of vibe I imagine the room had at the Ramsey Lewis Trio's Bohemian Cavern shows.

Take a listen to Got Me Coming Back Rite Now, a flipside that has captivated my imagination.  Check out the warmth of the vibe and how the use of latin percussion tones helps achieve a bounce that it further buoyed by the bass.  Also listen to the use of vocals as an instrument, how they add to the vibe.

It is a master class in being organic by design.

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