Heat Wave - Snail Mail

from the album Lush (2018)

Summer is a magical season.  When I think back to all those past summers, music often helps define it; whether on the ferry to Atlantique - listening to With A Little Luck - or rockin' poolside to Rancid's Time Bomb.

Heat Wave by Snail Mail is a perfect song for the season.  A tale of troubled summer romance, the song is set to hazy, sun-drenched tones with a pop sensibility.  Its hooks and melody lines stay with you as the tension between the jangling rhythm guitar and shredding lead add a layer of depth and purpose.

You can easily imagine yourself driving in the convertible along 27A, picking up your friends, hitting the Southward Deli, and making a day of it.

I love summer singles.

Click Here to watch the official video for Heat Wave by Snail Mail.


  1. https://open.spotify.com/track/1nfwn8IfBm0RudUvSlyzb8?si=GM9s9KjvRFeW34ZqVE0rWw

    A New York song by our fave.

    And, Oh my God, New York can talk. Somewhere in all that talk, is all the answers.

    Th way the day begins, decides the shade of everything. But the way it ends depends on if you’re home.

    I want to go home.

    To Atlantique.

    1. Or rather- this link


    2. Wow !!! That is an incredible song! I never heard it before. Thank you.

      New York is all about dreams and possibilities. People from there truly get it. My cousin's husband posted a photo on Instagram this week where he is wearing a hard hat and suspended off the side of a future skyscraper 80 stories above Central Park. It made me dizzy and ecstatic.

      Atlantique, on the other hand, is something totally different. To have all my favorite people on the Fire Island Queen, slowly floating across the bay, would be a dream come true. Maybe someday...

    3. I found the song by chance and fell in love with it. It highlights his voice which I never recognized as being as strong and pure before. An Alabama boy singing about NYC is kinda neat too. I saw him at Jazz Fest and he was great as usual. And just saw Ryan Adams last week at Red Rocks so I’m a happy girl.

      Listen to that entire Lang Lang album. It’s all about NY and has songs from my favorite musical, West Side Story- “Somewhere”. Always makes me cry...don’t know why!!

    4. Please don't cry, Theresa.

      And, by the way, you are on the boat!

    5. I’m DRIVIN’ the damn boat, 40 Watt...❤️


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