Heaven's Only Wishful - MorMor

from the single Heaven's Only Wishful (2018)

MorMor is the stage name of Seth Nyquist, a singer and producer based out of the Toronto area.

I really enjoy his song Heaven's Only Wishful.  It not only finds the perfect intersection of indie rock and synth pop, it also finds the perfect pocket to deliver pop success in both.

There is no doubt that MorMor can sing, but, to properly appreciate his talents, you need to take a close listen to the song's arrangement.  I dig how the guitars of the opening verse seamlessly give way to synthesizers, only to return - a little more ruffed up - for the final verse.  I also dig how the steady and precise beat is sometimes removed. building anticipation for its return.

If you are a songwriter or producer, there is a lot to think about in this delightful little tune.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Heaven's Only Wishful by MorMor.