Let's Get Together - Jonny Benavidez and Cold Diamond & Mink

from the single Let's Get Together (2018)

One of my favorite nights in recent memory was following a wedding in York, England.  A dozen, or so, of us were looking to continue the revelry and stepped into a bar called The Spread Eagle.

In the back room were some older chaps spinning sweet old records and dancing with beautiful women.  Their dance steps were fairly intricate and everybody participated.

It was like a time warp.  The music, the people, and the vibe gave a sense that somebody turned the clock back to the late 1960s.  It was Northern Soul night!

Northern Soul is an upbeat dance movement started by British Mods and features American black soul music from artists including Jackie Wilson and Little Anthony.  Had my Shazam app been loaded, I'd have captured the names of every unfamiliar tune.

Ultimately, the dancers amongst us had the time of their lives; while the dinners amongst us staggered  to our lodging.

Timmion Records is a great independent label based in Helsinki, Finland.  They largely focus on Northern Soul with a style of artists from around the world.  One of the communities they have tapped into is the Los Angeles and Southern California underground soul scene.

One of their best releases this year is Let's Get Together by Jonny Benavidez and Cold Diamond & Mink.  It is throwback, feel good music that lifts your soul.  I can't wait to secure some on vinyl; the atmosphere will be tremendous.

I am amassing a collection of new Northern Soul tunes for a party I am planning in Atlanta next month.  Let's Get Together is certain to be in the mix.  The pure vocals will be mixing vintage guitar and bass tones.  The beat will be infectious.  The pop of the horns will make folks smile.

I hope you can be there.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Let's Get Together by Jonny Benavidez with backing vocalists Cold Diamond & Mink.


  1. Man that groovy blast from the past was just the thing to make an old dude want to dance with good looking women. Thanks for the moment, and I am very glad that this feeling is alive and well, and so easily called to the forefront of my being.

    1. Well Jaba B, at The Spread Eagle there certainly were some good looking ladies who would have loved dancing with you, especially if you offered to light their cigarette or buy them a shot.


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